Nath’s Year Abroad in Numbers

After the initial excitement of returning home subsides I have decided to sign off from my Year Abroad blog with a quick look at the numbers that made my Year Abroad. And for those of you who feel there will be a Tumnus-sized hole in the Blogosphere worry not! Ive enjoyed the experience of blogging […]

The name’s Bond, Trevor Bond.

People very rarely say that friends are like buses. It seems, however, that mine may in fact be similar to the large road-bound public transport vehicles. After Warrick’s visit last weekend I had only 3 days to prepare before the Mountain Dew, Simon arrived late on a Friday night. Before all that there was the small […]

Who the fuck are Barcelona?

Yesterday was the best day I’ve had since being in Munich and the happiest I’ve been for a long time. But it could all have turned out differently. May 1st is a huge day of celebration all over Germany and basically involves drinking copious amounts of beer throughout the day. Waking up at 8 15 […]

Hamstring tear casts doubt on Thorpe’s season!

Note to self: must. stay. positive.   After a Skype call with my parents last week they informed me that my blog had taken a rather unsavoury turn towards misery. “Cheer up” was the main message they were trying to get across to me. It’s not to say that I was in any way upset […]