Nath’s Year Abroad in Numbers

After the initial excitement of returning home subsides I have decided to sign off from my Year Abroad blog with a quick look at the numbers that made my Year Abroad. And for those of you who feel there will be a Tumnus-sized hole in the Blogosphere worry not! Ive enjoyed the experience of blogging so much that I have decided to take it up on a permanent basis. Please head over to to see the results!

Ok, so here it is. My last post:

20 – number of reviews and reports I’ve written for The Good Review and The Munich Eye

4 – number of Bierfests visited (Oktoberfest, Starkbierfest & Frühlingsfest x 2)

34 -different nationalities of friends that I have made

5 – the appallingly low number of cities visited (Munich, Stuttgart, Verona, Berlin, London)

240 – The fastest speed I travelled in a car in km/h on the way to Berlin

6 – longest number of consecutive days I managed without alcohol

6,020 – total number of blog views as of yesterday

– number of people I’ve woken up next to in ski wear

0.25 – goals per game ratio for Munich Irish Rovers

36 – longest number of hours going commando

11 – number of gigs watched

19 – number of photos Marcus & I photoshopped under the pseudonym of @GermSocAnimalsbois

993 – approximate total distance in km cycled to and from work

455 – amount in Euros I paid for my flat in the centre of town.

– number of important items lost or temporarily misplaced (keys, phone, wallet, camera, keys, ipod, keys, camera, keys)

39 countries that have viewed my blog since the move to WordPressblog

0– number of things I would change if I were to do it all over again.

And that’s it! My Year Abroad is now officially over! I want to thank everyone I’ve met along the way for making it so special and a big thanks to everyone who could be bother to read my blog over the past few months. I couldn’t have done this without you. I may no longer be in Germany but in life, your paths always cross twice. Ich freue mich darauf!


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