I try to say goodbye and I choke

Elton John once claimed that “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”. It seems the man has never tried saying goodbye. Friday was my last ever day working for Westwing and as such there were many goodbyes that had to be said, to all the people who have helped me and befriended me over the past 9 months. But the goodbyes actually had to start on Wednesday, as Thursday was a Bank Holiday in Bavaria and many people had taken the Friday off in order to enjoy the dire weather Munich has to offer at the moment. This mainly revolved around a final lunch for our little group of interns. Sad times but good food!

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After the Feiertag on Thursday, I made my way to work for my final day and, juxtaposed to the beautiful sunshine on my first day in Autumn, it was pissing it down in Summer. My workload for the day was unbelievably minimal leaving me plenty of time to swan around the office chatting with various people for the last time. It was something I was aware of beforehand, but I’m completely useless at saying goodbye to people. Regardless of the relatively slim chances of our paths ever crossing again, I found myself making up imaginary plans in the future every time I said goodbye to someone, not actually being able to just an actual, final goodbye. How odd. One phrase that kept cropping up was “You always meet someone twice in life”, perhaps showing that I’m not the only person who’s not great at goodbyes.

It’s not yet sunk in that my 9-5 job is over and the weather is so terrible at the moment that it is impossible to make any sort of plans, but as I slowly empty my room into my suitcase, the realisation slowly grows.


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