CSI: Munich

“You better watch out, you better not cry
You better not pout, I’m telling you why
Warrick Brown is coming to town”

Or so I was told last week. And before we start no, I do not mean the fictional character in the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, I do of course mean the lovable, recent post-grad whom I call a friend. It’s safe to say that this trip was much more quickly sorted than our as-of-yet-not-booked foray to South America and after a brief illness which saw me turn a 4 day weekend into a 5 day holiday bonanza I headed to the airport to pick up the man Brown on Saturday evening.

After a quick meet and greet with the rest of the block we quickly headed upstairs to prepare some BBQ food and grab some beers before returning to the group. Once our attempts to cross the language barrier via GCSE level French had failed we settled into English as people were more than happy to practice a skill which until this point I had not yet asked of them. It’s rather weird conversing with someone in a language which you’ve never before used with them and as such it was a real struggle not to switch back into German and I found myself having to make a conscious effort not to do so. Fortunately, beer is a universal language and after we’d sunk a few we headed out on a Barathon which, as the name suggests is a slightly less scummy pub crawl. It was fantastic in the end, as it gave us opportunity to go into all the cool little bars close to where we live. We were able to catch the end of a New Found Land gig in the basement bar of Milla before heading to the wittily named Zum Wolf (‘Zum Wohl’ being the German equivalent of ‘Cheers!’) for shots and beer in classic Bavarian beer mugs.

Then it was time for Warrick and I to add another woman to our ever-expanding list of  people who could be ‘the one’. Heading into the puntastic Beverly Kills we heard some classic house being spun by our sexy Siren. It’s taken me a small amount of google searching to find her, but this woman is in fact Katharina Wyrwich – a Playboy playmate and grade A babe.

the one?

Once we’d finally regained our composure it was time to head to Munich’s worst kebab shop and fuel up. This left Jacques Henri with plenty of time to get chatting with the God squad, who were trying to force free literature on poor drunken souls. In total we got 4 books including a particular favourite entitled ‘Sex and the desire of a lonely heart’. Not just appealing to a German audience, Warrick was able to obtain a DVD which he was promised had English subtitles too. Shortly afterwards we headed home, pondering our lives – the evening had certainly taken an odd turn.

happily buying into the 1860 franchise

happily buying into the 1860 franchise

A somewhat restless night passed and before we knew it it was time to wake and head to the Allianz Arena to see 1860’s 3-0 crushing of Aalen. Warrick took to his role as head photographer/snappy headline writer with ease and by his own admission had ‘captured the raw emotion of Football’ – not bad considering our fragile state. The first half an hour passed with little incident and I feared that 1860 were going to embarass me with a terrible match. Three minutes and a wonder goal later and I needn’t have worried. A further two 1860 goals and a red card left us feeling rather pleased with ourselves.

Thankfully we were able to fit in a quick power nap before it was time to get our party on once more as my housemate Agathe would be celebrating her Birthday as soon as Sunday evening became Monday morning. More socialising, more drinking and some impressive dancing (I’m looking at you, JH and Agathe!) ensued, as well as a tri-lingual Happy Birthday/Bon Anniversaire/Zum Geburtstag viel Glück sung with true gusto. Warrick, Thomas and I then decided that we needed a little more space in which to throw some shapes and headed to Harry Klein, an awesome club playing house that had somehow avoided my radar until now. In a shirt I was told looked like ‘a pair of curtains my Grandma used to have’ I danced the night away, even posing for an official photo which still is yet to be found on the internet. A visit to the well-known fast food monarch, Burger King left us sufficiently content and we headed home to bed.

With a surprisingly fresh head I woke up and went about finding MOTD on the internet to ease us into the Bank Holiday Monday. We arose around lunchtime and after acquiring the use of Agathe’s bike we headed to Burger House to continue a weekend consisting of only meat and beer. It was also time to say goodbye to the first Year Abroad casualties, as both Kyle and Simon have bid farewell to their home of the last 9 months and returned to England. Although this definitely won’t be the last time I see them, it certainly made it feel all the more real that there are only 3 weeks left of my own Year Abroad adventure.

We spent the remainder of the day racing around town, pulling various ‘sick tricks’ and trying not to cause any major bike-based accidents. By around 6 we we done for and headed home, finishing the night with homemade Currywurst, Zero Dark Thirty and infuriating Sporcle quizzes.

I’m very thankful that Herr Brown was able to get out and visit me in my natural German habitat, as he is actually the first non-family visitor I’ve had. Now I’ve just got to get my head down and enjoy every waking minute of my final three weeks in Munich, because I know already that my home town of Northwich is going to struggle to live up to the wonderful German city which I have grown to call home.


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