Westwing Spring Break!

As someone once said “A picture is worth a thousand words” and seeing as how much has happened in the past ten days I feel it best to put all the pictures from my week in one place. What better way to show what I’ve been up to?

Westwing Spring Break Party

As is accustomed, Westwing held their tri-yearly work party, what with it being spring, they opted for the somewhat-difficult-to-create-in-a-work-environment theme of ‘Spring Break’ – although presumably without the sea, sex and sand elements. Sun, though we had in abundance! For 2 days. It seems Munich is only able to maintain good weather for 2 days at the moment, so we were lucky that the two events coincided. DJ Dan Mc Loud (I can only assume he was Irish) was on hand to dish out the classic tunes and after a rather long time in the obligatory photobooth we hit the dancefloor.







Our receptionist Jitka is just amazing

2 things I learnt from this evening:

  • You can’t give an englishman free alcohol and expect him not to get ruined.
  • Bumping and grinding with colleagues is never a great idea.

However, somehow I was in no way the worst! Poor, young, recently hired Philip (now known as Kotzi, meaning the little one that throws up) ended the night in a hospital. Poor lad.

After a quiet Friday night watching the Lion King and a quiet Saturday day reviewing yet another 1860 München defeat. Then the house party in the flat above me happened and it was fantastic. It was Eva’s birthday and it was great to meet even more people from the block, including a guy who I was convinced was Kiefer Sutherland Lost Boys-era. Looking back, I was very, very wrong. See for yourself:

me and jack 2

not Jack Bauer and I

However, there was the occasional nice photo as seen here!

Naturally there were also a few terrible ones (thanks Agathe for having it as your profile picture!)

However, the funniest moment (looking back) was yet to come. Having told one of Eva’s work colleagues that I could play guitar I took her down to my room to show off my skills. Unfortunately, I was very much lacking. Some part of my drunken mind felt that playing James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”, thus waking up all of my other housemates with my caterwauling. It was done COMPLETELY by accident but it’s certainly gained notoriety in our building!

Other than this we celebrated Maria’s birthday last night by going to the Hirschgarten, aptly name because it’s a garden with Hirsch(deer) in it. Marcus and colleagues joined us but we were massively disappointed to find that NONE of the Westwing lovelies (including you, David) had not donned the Lederhosen like us! Never mind, we looked great.


This weekend sees us celebrating Simon’s birthday in Stuttgart, at the biggest beer festival in Germany, other than Oktoberfest. It’s going to be heavy, that’s for sure. Check back to find out what other hilarious things I’ve done!


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