The Rise & Fall of ‘Ohne Alkohol April’

It’s been a rather peculiar week. After finally piecing my life back together on Tuesday I began ohne Alkohol April in a positive mood. Work was going relatively well and I was busy enough that I wasn’t finding myself with too much time to think.

With typical German efficiency Thomas had invited Karin, Ellie and I around over a week in advance and Thursday was to be that night. After a pleasant little cycle to his flat we settled down and began to get our drink on – I was sticking with Coca Cola, which earned me a lot of odd looks and abuse from the others! So after catching up we turned on the PS3 and loaded Singstar. Bypassing some absolute CLASSICS in the online library (think ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’, ‘I Am The One & Only’) we downloaded Atomic Kitten’s version of ‘Eternal Flame’, Aloe Blacc’s only song and ‘House Of The Rising Sun’. It was obvious Thomas had been practising as he destroyed us, particular highlights being mine and Ellie’s rendition of ‘Disco 2000’ and Thomas and Karin’s touching ‘Song 2’.

Once we’d thoroughly embarrassed ourselves we moved onto a variation of the classic passing-time-on-a-car-journey game, Consequences. This version involved each person writing a sentence which the next person would have to draw. This would then be passed once again, and from what the second person had drawn the third person would have to write what they think was originally written. The fourth person then draws a final picture of the sentence before opening it up, at which point much laughter ensues.

Here’s an example.

I wrote “Rolf Harris is touching a Buddha’s head with his right hand whilst punching a dog in the balls with his left”. Seeing as how Rolf Harris was never as popular in Sweden or Germany as he was in England this was a pretty tricky one.

Fair play to her, Ellie didn’t shy away, drawing a very accurate representation:

pretty accurate if you ask me!

pretty accurate if you ask me!

Karin’s turn next and unfortunately she wasn’t quite as successful.

“That weed guy we know lives in Japan but he’s from Australia and he has a dog”

Most of the correct pieces of information are there, just not how they were meant to be! I don’t think Thomas put a great deal of effort into his drawing:


Reading it back it doesn’t sound as hilarious as it was at the time. I guess you had to be there.

Saturday started with a blissful lie-in, something that occurs FAR too infrequently in my opinion. I headed into with a lists of tasks for the day and was pretty successful, booking a haircut, buying new football boots and getting a food shop in at long last. It seems that even with my lie-in I hadn’t slept enough and I had a delightful power nap after dinner before arranging our predrinks for Julio Bashmore’s DJ set at Kong. Helena and Greggers made their way over to mine and after an enlightening toilet trip I came to the decision that ohne Alkohol April was over. You only live abroad once, after all.

We walked from mine up to the club relatively early, expecting a huge queue as there was no way to preorder tickets or guestlist. We almost walked directly past it as there wasn’t a single person queuing! We headed a street further and sat down in a park with a friend of mine, Daniel who had now arrived. I have not drunk in a park since before I could legally drink and I have to say it’s just fantastic. It’s dark, you’re with your friends and these two things seem to evoke philosophical conversations. Although Helena was able to turn every topic back to sex in a matter of seconds. We were just about to head to the club when a police car pulled up and 2 police men and approached us. As we were to learn, it is illegal to drink in parks in Munich but not on the street, which was a mere 10 paces away from us. Luckily, these were 2 nice policemen more interested in finding drugs than fining us. After the most thorough frisking of my life they bid us farewell and wished us a pleasant evening.

Entering the club, we continued drinking and dancing and I even bumped into my friend from work, Georgij who was there with his cousin and a few friends. SO MUCH DANCING OCCURRED. I have to say, I’m being won over by house and proper dance music. I’m not saying I’d choose to listen to it in my bedroom (I wouldn’t) but it beats an awful lot of the terrible chart music that is so often played in clubs.

At around four Greggers and I headed to McDonald’s and took our chicken burgers and sat on the fountain at Stachus. We must’ve talked for the best part of an hour (although I get the feeling I may have talked for almost an hour, leaving Greggers to listen). But still, thoroughly enjoyable and it perked me up no end. I got into bed around half past 5, knowing that I’d need to wake up in 6 hours to go and report on 1860 München. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that they were disappointing YET AGAIN. It’s just my luck really, 1860 haven’t won at home since I’ve been reporting! Also, anybody who is currently in Munich grab yourself a copy of The Munich Eye in print! Going out on Thursday!


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