This has to stop.

Alcohol is a bad thing. Back in the UK I used to know my limits and would stop when I’d had enough to drink. In Munich however, that’s not the case unfortunately. It is far too regular an occurrence that I will wake up after a night out with no memory of what happened and usually missing something. If it wasn’t for extreme luck on Friday I would have taken my Munich ‘things lost’ tally up to 1 phone, 1 wallet, 2 cameras, 1 set of keys and an iPod. I’ve NEVER lost anything in my life before due to alcohol and it seems I’m just becoming stupid. Friday was an interesting night. I met up with Helena, Greggers and one of Greggers’ friends and we went to Hofbräuhaus. Being English we started unbelievably early with the first Maß being order just after 4pm. After 2 Maß and a little chat with 2 Luxembourgian blokes sat next to us we headed to the all you can eat Chinese buffet up at Münchener Freiheit. It was a poor showing all round as not many of us even made it onto a second plate. At this point we went are separate ways and Helena and I travelled to Frauenhoferstraße to meet up with Thomas who unsurprisingly had found another random bar that we had to visit. Because it was Good Friday there was a Tanzverbot, meaning no music could be played until after 12am. This gave the bar a pretty weird vibe but we sat down and continued drinking anyways. Switching between English and German we discussed almost every topic under the sun, with Justin Timberlake somehow related to everything. As the clock ticked past 12 the music started and we dancing naturally followed. I hadn’t had time to head home before we went out so I was still carrying round my rucksack with things from the day. In the end I got so drunk that I forgot to take my bag with me when we left , but this was just the start of the mayhem.

Helena and I lazily jumped into a taxi even though the club was a mere 10 minutes walk from my house. We realised that neither of us had any money so we truthfully asked the taxi man to stop at a cashpoint so we could get money out. I hopped out to go to the cashpoint and managed to enter my pin number incorrectly 3 times. This locked my card and because the taxi driver was threatening to ring the police I called my Dad. At 4 in the morning. I was incomprehensible and probably really scared him (sorry Dad) but Helena came to the rescue and withdrew money and we finally made it home. Because I’d left my keys in my bag we had to force our way into the flat and then we were able to sleep.

The weirdest part of the evening was waking up the following morning to find the pair of us clothed in various items of ski-wear. I had obviously thought it a good idea the night before – who needs pyjamas when you’ve got ski wear? As stated before, I was extremely lucky that upon returning to the club the following evening they still had my bag and EVERYTHING was still inside. Did I learn from this? It seems not.

After a 21-2 victory for the Munich Irish Rovers a few of us headed into town to take advantage of not having to work on Monday. Our friend Chris has been to 089 so often over his 18 months in Munich that he was able to secure us a table, leaving 2 middle-aged Germans relatively unhappy. Instead of buying individual drinks like any normal person we bought 2 litres of vodka for the table. Error. I don’t remember a great deal after the 2nd litre but have woken up this morning without my coat and my keys that were inside it. This means I ‘broke and entered’ into our flat for the second time this weekend.

I am really not proud of myself or the person I seem to have become. As such, I have decided to do something about it. This next month will become ‘No Alcohol April’ as I attempt to put my life back together. And no, this is not an April Fools.

We did look good though…


One thought on “This has to stop.

  1. at least i’m not the only one to have achieved a problem with alcohol. i blame it on germany. but seriously, “no alcohol april”…. you can’t mean that

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