No more Mr Nice Nath?

The past two months have been an absolute blur. My time has been filled up with so many different plans that I’ve just not had time to think about anything else other than the present. I’ve been Skiing, I’ve been to Berlin, I’ve been to London, I’ve been to a gig every other week. But now, as we head into the Easter weekend (in which there is barely ANYBODY left in Munich) I find myself facing the facts that I’ve only got 10 weeks until my Year Abroad adventures are over and I have to return to England and think about resuming my studies. Obviously, there are aspects of my life back in England that I truly miss but this experience, although not without it’s terrible moments, has really defined me as a person and genuinely expanded my horizons.

However, a real retrospective of my time in Germany can wait until it actually draws to a close, it doesn’t need to be just yet.

Since my life has settled back into a daily routine with no trips to foreign cities it’s safe to say that my life has settled down somewhat. The word boring is thrown around a lot these days… but it’s more the fact that nothing of real interest has happened, rather than my life being boring. This can partially be put down to me not making many plans, but also partly down to the actions of the others. In two weeks people have bailed on me for various plans no fewer than 8 times. Look, I understand that it is not always possible to uphold arrangement but at no point did these people ever get in touch with me to let me know they could no longer make it. Whether it was a lunch together or evening plans it takes no more than a minute to write a text or send an email just to make me aware of what was going on. It’s not much to ask, is it?

It has really made me feel quite shit about myself and the worst part is that these people don’t even know they’ve made me feel like this. It’s led me to the conclusion that I’m too nice. This isn’t me trying to sound big headed or anything, I just mean that I’ve just continued on as if nothing as happened. When so many of people have done it surely it means there’s a part of me which people think it’s ok to cancel on? I think it stems from my problem of finding friends in Munich at the start of the year and as such I’m happy to just keep the peace rather than risk losing a friend. It’s stupid, and I’ve done it in relationships before I KNOW it doesn’t end well ever.

As HarsH ReaLiTy said earlier in the week, “If you wrote every thought in your head how many people would you offend?”

Prepare to be offended, world.


In other news, I’ve written another match report for 1860 München. Please read it here!


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