Judge, Jury & Executioner

Today started as a bad day. After a pretty terrible night’s sleep, in which I was sure someone was stealing everything from our flat in suitcases (it was the bin men in the end) I happened across my ticket for the train to Berlin on Friday. It was only when I looked at the booking date that a feeling of terror set in – I’D BOOKED IT FOR THE WRONG WEEKEND. I quickly got dressed and cycled to the Ostbahnhof, with the faint hope of exchanging it.

“Keine Chance” was the response of the terribly helpful Deutsche Bahn man and after inquiring after the price of a new ticket (180€) I thought the luck I’ve had since of moving out of Marek’s jail had suddenly come to an end. A quick phonecall to Marcus reminded me that he would be travelling to Berlin on the weekend I’d booked tickets for and although he’s trying to get the tickets at a ludicrous discount I think I may be able to recover some of the costs this way at least. Now I had to try and find a way of actually getting to Berlin; easier said than done. Having checked trains and planes I moved onto automobiles, in particular Mitfahrgelegenheiten. This is a typically German procedure in which a person driving between 2 places can pimp any spare seats in their car to hard-to-come-by strangers. Although I’m not living on the breadline I am shrewd when it comes to money (that’ll be the accountant in me). It took me just 1 phonecall to find myself a pimp and as it turns out he is also travelling back to Munich on Sunday night! It’s perfect!Snapshot_20130306_1

One other historic event occurred today. After  15% of a year I have finally got my wallet back! The only problem is, it looks a bit different to the one I originally lost. In as much as there is no wallet so to speak. I don’t know whether the Polizei took a particular liking to my wallet and decided to keep it for themselves or not but without even mentioning the reasons they have simply returned a plastic wallet with all of my wallet’s contents in! There’s also the rather embarrassing inventory list that accompanies it, including such items which will always be in the German criminal system as: 1 cloak room ticket, 1 handwritten message which says “I love you”. It’s cringy to say the least.


So all in all a terrible day has turned out rather bloody well, let’s just hope I can get to Berlin to see Atoms For Peace without being raped or killed by my Pimp!


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