Entering the Batcave as Bruce Wayne

Has it really only been a week since the last post? It’s seems like an eternity ago and my memory is truly failing me as to exactly what happened in my life last week.

Oh yes. A concert, of course! It was an odd but relaxing experience to be at a concert without having to take notes down to write a report but as I rocked up at Strøm I expected a largely empty room, like when I saw them in Leeds 2 years ago. Boy was I wrong, the room was absolutely rammed and as I cooly take my place leaning on the bar the opening strains of Luke Sital-Singh’s acoustic balladry rang out. Annoyingly I was stood next to two very noisy women who couldn’t keep their voices down even when told to “shut the fuck up” by people around them. It was at times difficult to hear the music over their incessant warbling.

They were soon ejected from the venue.

An actual photo taken from the pub quiz

I have to say, I’m not really a big fan of Villagers’ new album but as a live spectacle it all seemed to make more sense, even if they didn’t play my favourite song.

Thursday saw me head north to take part in the most overly serious pub quiz I have ever known. The combination of an irish pub, alcohol and students should have resulted in a jovial, we’re-not-really-that-arsed-about-winning atmosphere but this was killed thanks to Cruella De Vil and an old Jonny Depp who were sat behind us. A friend of ours was having a quick check of Facebook on his phone (because our conversation was hugely riveting). Cruella proceeded to march straight to the Quizmaster and promptly tell on us for ‘cheating’. Remember, this is a 50-odd year old woman and this is what her life has come to.

Our current favourite board game

Safe to say we didn’t get close to troubling the scores of this unbelievably film-biased quiz and we headed onwards to an odd bar full of odd locals singing Karaoke where we stayed for about an hour. Unfortunately it had reached that awkward time of evening where the trams don’t run and I had to walk the 6km home, with the time my alarm was set for rapidly approaching. Safe to say Friday wasn’t my most productive day at work and as I got home all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep. However my neighbours asked me if I wanted to join them to play board games and i can NEVER turn down a board game! We ended up playing until close to two before calling it a night. THAT’S how you should spend Friday nights; nice clean fun.

Saturday saw us head to Karin’s house for pre-drinks which descended into Thomas and I shutting ourselves in a room and serenading one another with Coldplay and Radiohead on guitar whilst Karin was forced to sit and listen to the terrible racket of Tom and Daniel’s band, which they felt was perfect for predrinks.

We then headed to Glockenbackwerkstatt near the centre of town, which turns out to be where all the goths of Munich go to play . The minimalist lighting was a nightmare after a few drinks, especially when there was a scary lady who looked like the girl from The Ring swaying to and fro on the dancefloor. It was actually a really cool place though so can’t really complain.

Sunday saw me heading to the Allianz Arena once again as I watched 1860 fail to impress YET AGAIN. I spent Sunday evening in the cinema as is the norm now, as  I went with my neighbour Remo to see Les Miserables for a second time. Still brilliant.

As a parting gift, here’s a fantastic story about a slightly heavier Batman who has been fighting crime in Bradford. God I love Yorkshire.


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