“Das ist die Symphonie von Menschen die nicht länger Sklaven sind.”

Wow. Since I was last wrote on here an awful lot of things have occurred. Let’s start with Friday night. Karin’s friend Moa was in town this weekend and I joined them on a night out to the place where both Karin and I have lost wallets and phones in the past few months; Kong.  After we’d all showcased our ability to rap (I opted for “Fit But You Know It”, didn’t go down too well with my swedish compadres) and the girls had had enough time to take this photos in my bathroom we were all drunk enough to face the club.

It was already 2am by this point. The club was absolutely heaving, but our moves certainly cleared us enough space to truly strut our stuff. At around 6:30am we found ourselves in Mcdonald’s chowing down on what the shrapnell in our back pocket could afford, with Moa preceding to ask every customer whether or not they were happy. Most of them were. After all, Mcdonalds may as well be a Michelin star restaurant in the wee hours of the morning.

Naturally Saturday didn’t begin until 2pm and when it did it was a tad odd. Thomas from the flat opposite had invited us to play board games and after an hour to describe the rules we set about conquering Italian cities with the help of various castles. It was a good game and a GREAT way to recover from my hangover; nice and calm.

Saturday was also the day that I would finally be seeing Sigur Rós. It felt like an absolute eternity ago that I had booked the tickets and I was really expecting to be blown away.

From the opening bar I knew it was going to be something special, and the ten-piece ensemble who tour with Sigur Rós were just incredible musicians and it was a wonder to watch them ply their trade. This was also my first of many reports over the weekend, you can read the entire review at http://thegoodreview.co.uk/2013/02/sigur-ros-zenith-munich/

My Sunday morning was spent writing up the aforementioned review, conjuring up all sorts of nostalgia from the night before and almost as soon as I had finished it it was time to take my place in my room with my (totally legal) online stream of 1860 München’s trip to top of the league Eintracht Braunschweig. Before this match, I hadn’t even seen 1860 score a goal, let alone win a match so I wasn’t particularly confident for this match. In fact, after 1860 went a goal down around the 60 minute mark I (somewhat prematurely) began writing up my report, with a doom and gloom tone about how München fail to turn chances into points. Luckily, I was watching the match on my own so I was able to maintain my dignity as I deleted my entire report when 1860 made a miraculous comeback and end the game as 2-1 winners. My much more positive report can be found here.

Sunday was also the day that I got to see Les Misérables after almost an entire year of waiting. It turns out I wasn’t the only huge Les Mis fan out of my friends, with Bundesliga Bernie also able to sing almost every word of every song. He even played Gavroche in his school’s production. I’m sure he won’t mind me telling you that. The addition of German subtitles at the bottom of the screen did not hinder my enjoyment but did suggest that the songs may not translate particularly well, as the title of this post suggests. Another favourite was “Wer bin ich? Bin Jean Valjean!”. Not to gush too much but the film was fantastic, I’m even considering going again on Thursday and I’m not usually a man to see films twice. Or three times. Or every day for the rest of my life.

peep showNothing out of the ordinary happened on Monday during work until I received an email from Marcus stating:

“Just realised I’m Jeremy Clarkson and you’re James May (or that’s the easiest way we could explain our relationship to confused onlookers)”

He was obviously working very hard. As was I, as I found time to create one of my incredibly impressive photoshop images, in which I likened us more to Jeremy and Mark of Peep Show. It’s uncanny.

Leaving work at 4, I made my way to Hackerbrücke where I met cameraman Tony to film our latest addition of The Flaming ‘Eck, a video reporting project for 1860 and Bayern München. Having prepared a script this time I felt much more confident and I’m finally proud of the outcome! Watch it here.


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