New Flat, New Job

I think it’s fair to say that not a single bone in my body was looking forward to coming back to Munich. I may only have been at home for 2 weeks and in the process packed everything I owned into the same nondescript boxes but I slipped back into family life as if I’d never been away (except for the fact that my brother had improved a bit at fifa – i even lost a few times!)

To compound my misery my flight was at 7 50 in the morning, meaning a 5am start. Not ideal. It did however mean that I got 20 seats to myself on the plane and was even allowed extra weight in my bags! The flight itself was painless as can be and I landed in Munich with a much more positive outlook of my next 5 months than I’d expected. As soon as I had unpacked my groaning suitcase I had a quick text round to see who was about – about an hour later I was sat in the Irish pub with the lads from football watching Swansea-Arsenal. Not much changes.

After a quick house viewing just north of the town centre I met up with my old adversaries, Messrs Fabian and Greggers, and lady Adams. The obvious choice for our catch up was the afghan restaurant in town. Delish. As the hours rolled by my tiredness caught up with me and, wary of the long day awaiting me on Monday morning I retired quite early to bed.

Monday was a long day. Not only did I have my usual daily reports to update, but also the weekly, monthly AND yearly reports as well – especially difficult because I was completely out of practice and so much had changed. After 10 hours in the office I headed to the rather magnificent Park Cafe, where I met up with journalist Jon who had an interesting proposition for me.

In tandem with his full time job, Jon is also the sports editor for The Munich Eye ( a Munich-based, english language Newspaper. This newspaper happened to have a vacancy coming up, a vacany to be filled by yours truly! As of Monday, I am now the reporter for all 1860 München matches, meaning I get into all the matches free to write my reports and also the opportunity to interview the players! It sounds fantastic!

The other big news of the week is that I’ve FINALLY found myself a nice place to live for the last 6 months of my time in Munich! It’s approximately 10 mins walks away from the centre of town (i currently have to get a U Bahn for 25 mins), 4km from work (easily cycleable) and with some lovely people! I will be living with 2 french people (1m 1f) and a german girl, all of whom are either doing an internship or studying a masters, which should hopefully mean quietish during the week then party time at the weekends! I’m really looking forward to it.

Going to a small music festival on saturday followed by skiing on sunday (hopefully) if the weather stays cold enough. Update will come afterwards!


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