1st term over – what have I learnt?

  1. I am a boring person in German.
  2. Home really is where the heart is.
  3. I’m quite good at my job.
  4. I’m no longer a child – snow makes me worry about the transport problems, not think “YAY SNOW!”
  5. Bonuses are a fantastic invention.
  6. I am actually relatively interested in Economics.
  7. I can actually speak German!
  8. It is rude for a German man to stand up when weeing in a toilet – most sit down.
  9. Football is a universal language, and that language is English.
  10. British cuisine should never be underestimated.
  11. I really love Manchester.
  12. Finding somewhere to live in a big city is stupidly hard.
  13. German sign langauge is different to English sign language.
  14. I will always be a spendthrift.
  15. I am capable of hatred.
  16. I can ride a bike drunk.
  17. Furniture is more interesting than it seems.
  18. Making friends without being forced together (school, work, housing) is incredibly difficult.
  20. Almost any English word can be slipped into a German conversation without a problem.
  21. Work can influence your dreams.
  22. If the landlady wheels my bike from the garden to the skip then it’s my fault.
  23. The sterotypes about german girls are not true.
  24. Age really doesn’t make a different when it comes to making friends.
  25. Germans have NEVER heard of ‘Fairytale of New York’

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