(Adopted) Debut goal for Thorpe

Since touching down back in Munich from Verona two weeks ago my life has been pretty much non-stop. It’s also been a fortnight of firsts – my first bonus at work, my first football match and my first german friend! I have seen James Bond (auf Deutsch) and I have also been to 3 gigs in three days.

So, to the most important thing, the football. After a lacklustre debut last week where I was unable to assert myself due to the class of the team I took to the field day today treating the match as my ‘adopted’ debut. The first thing I have to mention about playing football in Germany is the hilarious level of seriousness involved – it’s champions league level. Before the match can begin both teams must run out onto the pitch behind the referee, line up in the middle of the pitch and wave to the crowd, usually numbering around 10 people in total. After a quick round of handshakes the match can finally get underway. It takes approximately half a minute until the first opponent has theatrically thrown themselves on the ground, grasping their face as if they’ve just been shot. Miraculously, after a quick glance to see if the free kick has been given they’re absolutely fine again. It’s ridiculous.
My adopted debut was a local derby against FC Fürstenried, the team we share a training field with. It was also an important 6 pointer in the fight to stave off relegation. Any sort of worries or concerns we may have had though were quickly sorted out when we realised just how terrible the opponents were – our keeper was not tested once and he even managed an assist! 6-0 at half time and the game was over, we just needed to keep our heads and try to keep a clean sheet. The second half started in much the same fashion and after a bit of lax defending yours truly was bearing down on goal just the keeper to beat. Having not scored for a year and a half I was a bit rusty and got my angles slightly wrong, my shot rebounding off the post. Luckily it landed at the feet of our striker Vinny who selflessly squared it, allowing me my first goal in a Rovers shirt! Hardly the most important I’ll score but it felt good all the same! The game wound down from here, ending at 7-0 and after we had all showered we relaxed with a beer and watched the first team playing against the Italians. Sundays are great.

Earlier in the week I attended my 2nd concert since being in Munich, Dry the River at Atomic Cafe. I then attended my 3rd (Beach House) and then my fourth(Purity Ring)! I won’t go into too much detail as I wrote reviews for the first 2 gigs here: http://thegoodreview.co.uk/2012/11/dry-the-river-munich/ and here:http://thegoodreview.co.uk/2012/11/beach-house-hansa-39-munich-2/. It also allowed me to make a german friend! Arguably the most important thing of the week.

Unfortunately though, it hasn’t been all gravy this week, as I found out from my landlord that I wouldn’t be able to move out until at least the middle of January which is highly, highly frustrating, especially as I’d already found a nice place to move into on December 1st. The annoying thing is that he’s not in the country at the moment, so I can’t discuss anything with him until he returns at the start of December. Every other aspect of my life though is currently giving me hope that I can enjoy my time here, and with the arrival of the Christmas markets next weekend (criminally early) long may the festivities continue!


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