For my third weekend in Munich I found myself speaking almost exclusively in English. Friday night saw the usual suspects (Marcus, Greggers and I)  at the world-renowned Löwenbräukeller awaiting the arrival of some new friends.
A friend of a friend of a friend had put Marcus in touch with some other Brits abroad and we were more than happy to meet up! We spent our night making fools of ourselves in front of Izzy and Hattie, too many Steins, not enough time. A drunken goodbye was said and we all stumbled our separate ways home.
Awakening to the sound of my housemate’s 2 crying kids at 7am was not ideal. This was my day off, I wanted a lie in! I tried my best but sleep would not return so I got up, got dressed and met Marcus and Greggers in town for some serious Lederhosen shopping. We were all pretty unwilling to part with 100€ for something with a limited usage period but we felt it was a must have. And now we all do have. Bring on Oktoberfest!
The evening saw the three amigos together again at my house, where I cooked them a (“delicious”) meal before heading to the swimming pool from which my district gets its name. Michaelibad is great. We went down the slide (obviously), we went in the steam room (obviously) and we did a few lengths in the normal pool. But the majority of our time was spent outside in the heated whirlpool. I feel that place may get some serious use from me in the next 9 months – lush!
Sunday began with a bollocking from the landlord. Apparently, having friends around is fine, but COOKING FOR THEM?! what the hell was I thinking. He also didn’t like that there was a few specks of oil on the hob and ordered me to immediately remove them. Somewhat coincidentally it was also my turn to clean the house. This is a top to bottom clean which is scrutinised by Marek every step of the way. It includes: hoovering, mopping, wiping, cleaning, brushing and emptying to name but a few. Gah. Football then followed shortly after as I headed to the englischer Garten (again) to meet up with a few friends I’d met the thursday before. A lot of fun was had and I actually spoke some german! Hopefully it’ll become a regular thing and – whisper it- maybe i’ll make some friends!

Watch this space.


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