Table Dance Boobs

After the end of what was a very long and busy week I find myself sat in the basement with a beer and strawberries listening to a crap dj playing to an empty room while watching the football. After a week I feel I’m really starting to get used to life here (munich, not the hostel).  I now know what my responsibilities at work are going to be for the forseeable future and I have found a perfect flat! Whether or not I’ll get it is a different matter.

Located on the banks of the Isar, the flat that I viewed on thursday was a small one but arguably the best suited to me. The people who live there at the moment are my age and I got on really well with them for the short time I was there. The area is beautiful and it’s set back from most of the hustle and bustle of Munich, whilst still being quite central. Oh, and it’s next to THE BLOODY ZOO! Apparently when it’s really quiet you can hear the animals from the balcony. Too cool. I find out on sunday whether I get that, so fingers crossed!

As far as work goes I think it’s going to change me as a person. Most noticeably in the eyesight department. 90% of the stadd in my department need glasses and I can see why. I’ve spent the last two days scrutinising data in an Excel spreadsheet. It’s undoubtedly going  to give me a great CV, with new skills (SQL, time management, etc) but it’s only been a week and I already don’t think it’s a career path I want to follow!

Anyways, with no plans this evening I decide to go on an aimless stroll around the city, just as the sun was going down. Boy did I see some sights. First off was the sight of Oktoberfest 2012. I knew the germans were big into their drinking but the sheer size of the park is a sight to behold. I think it’s very likely that I’ll remember nothing of the next few weekends! Just one street away and I inadvertently wandered into the red light district, not before I’d been past the MENSA headquarters obviously. One that caught my eye was the hilariously titled ‘Table Dance Boobs’. Germans certainly do not mince their words.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with Marcus and Greggers as the three Amigos attempt to locate cheap Lederhosen. Check back tomorrow to see the results!


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