Nathy, don’t be hasty

My german needs vast improvement. I understood nothing again today in the office and it’s beginning to get to me. I’m fine when (trying to) socialise but I just don’t understand any of the technical vocabulary!

I’ve still not done anything worthwhile as I still have 50+ videos to watch on SQL before I’m ready. I wish they’d just told me in summer I was going to be using it so I could practice! I think I should have a few jobs to do tomorrow, reports to send, etc as I was shown how to do them today. Then once I learn SQL properly it can all kick off. I asked the boss today what I was actually going to be doing and he said it was mostly analysis of data, which means lots of spreadsheets and lots of graphs, but that’s fine by me.

The best thing about work is that there is unlimited free drinks all day. Whenever you fancy you can just go and get a 2L bottle of water, fanta, spezi or even beer! I daren’t go for that just yet, but maybe I’ll have a bad day at some point.

Because I spend most of the day with headphones on I missed when all of the department went for lunch together. I ended up sitting with a few people I’d spoken to briefly the day before but they left me on my own soon after, to return to work. Gah, it’ll get better. I’ve decided tomorrow is the day where I try to be talkative but I don’t know how likely that is.

On the house search front, I’ve had many people who want me to transfer money before I see the flat (obvs not real) but not many real leads. I’ve got one viewing on thursday at a house which is NEXT TO THE BLOODY ZOO. I hope i get it but they seem to be doing it as an interview process so I’m nervous!

Tonigh i’m going for dinner with Marcus and Greggers, who arrived today, to catch up and hopefully have something good to eat for a change!


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