Working 10 til 7, what a way to make a living

I did it! I had my first day and am still alive! After a somewhat restless night sleep I got up nice and early to give me plenty of time to get to Westwing. After a 20 minute wait at the Hauptbahnhof (unheard of) i made my way to Leuchtenbergring and into Dingolfingerstraße 2, Westwing’s head office. A trip up to the fifth floor found me in a meeting room with the 20+ people who were also starting today, either as interns or full time. The introduction was made a great deal easier by the fact that is was conducted totally in english because some people at the company cannot speak german! Losers.

After a tour of the office (which is now spread on 3 floors) we went for another ‘team-dinner’, where I ended up sitting opposite one of the founders of Westwing. Luckily, i’d been able to steer clear of the people who didn’t speak german and conducted the rest of my day in german! I didn’t find it that difficult during lunch even though it was really noisy but that might’ve been because every other person in the company is a complete babe! I’ve never seen such a good looking group of people!

In the afternoon we all went our separate ways and began in our various departments. When I came to Westwing for my interview there were only 3 people in the department but the growth of this company is astounding – there are now 10 of us! I don’t know what it was about the people in my deparment but I barely understood a word for the rest of the day :/ luckily I was able to hide myself away with some video tutorials on SQL which I need to learn – currently there are 62 remaining which isn’t ideal!

The workplace seems really relaxed and I think I’ll settle in quickly. My colleages are nice and I think there may be some future friends there! The work seems doable and best of all, the guy who was rude to me last week no longer works there – success!

House search still hasn’t moved on but – dare i say it – i’m beginning to settle in!


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