Better late than never!

Saturday was an odd day. After going far too hard on friday night, Marcus and I awoke to realise we were supposed to be meeting the one and only Simon Falk at the Hauptbahnhof in 10 minutes time! Once we’d found him we spent the day walking around Marienplatz and checking out the various weird shops. We had a late lunch and ended up eating in an Afghan Restaurant! There’s a first time for everything and it was delicious!

We walked around for a bit more before leaving Simon for the afternoon. This was not the last we would see of him. After a nap, some dinner and a few games of table football we headed out to meet a man called Nick Bauer who Marcus was buying a bike off. It was love at first sight and Marcus now can’t stop talking about it!

We then walked/cycled to the University where we met Simon and some ex-Leeds Uni students who are now living in Munich. It was happy hour so we got plenty of cheap cocktails in before heading to a club in the middle of nowhere. We must have been walking around for about half an hour not really knowing where to go. – so little german efficiency! In the meantime we met a battered old man on the U Bahn who even the germans were struggling to understand. Obviously we beatboxed and he rapped over the top, it’s the natural thing to do! Eventually we made it to the club, apparently there was a big night on which meant you could get into any club in the area with your wristband which was pretty cool. It was very much like an english club and i had perhaps one too many drinks but we live and learn eh?

Great night and will be nice to meet up with that group again, especially seeing as how they can help us out with anything!


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