Seeking Asylum at the British Consulate

Arguably our most productive day since arriving in Munich today we accomplished… a few things. An early start saw us at the Hauptbahnhof for 9am where we were STILL unable to get a student travel card.

Our next stop was the British Consulate. Having spent all week in various queues we went to get some real help and found it in the form of Chris Dowers. What a man. He was able to give us all the information and forms we needed to get us properly sorted over the next few weeks.

Confident and full of new knowledge, we strutted our way back to Poccistraße where we had originally registered with the town only to find we were in the wrong place again! Tax cards are given at the Finanzamt, duh!

Upon arrival we found we can’t apply for a card for another two weeks. Damn. However, I NOW HAVE A GERMAN SIM CARD. This makes me almost officially german right? I’ve also been able to get myself another house viewing for next saturday having spoken to one of the 2 students currently living there. I just want some friends!

Things are hopefully looking up, i just need somewhere to stay for the next week or so!

Marcus and I have set up rival blogs and unfortunately he’s currently winning, despite my best efforts. He’s since become an ‘expert’ and is posting on every social media site known to man! This is not how our first friday in Munich should be going!


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