Today has been scary

As above. Another day and still no responses from the people I have emailed about accommodation. I decided today to take the radical route and phone ACTUAL GERMANS to see if I could get a viewing. First one, nicest room i’ve ever seen – success! An hour later and i was in the suburbs of Munich standing outside a typical bavarian pub. Unfortunately, the roommates were a 40+ couple and a Malaysian lad whose German is as good as mine. It’s not exactly the best way for me to improve my german.

Great room, weird people. Today then consisted of moping and feeling sorry for myself. I’ve read a bit of my finance book and rang a few more people but have had no success. SOMEBODY LOVE MEH. tonight i’ll get all my work things sorted and then tomorrow we have a big day ahead of us. We’ve tried our best to do it alone but tomorrow we call in reinforments – THE BRITISH EMBASSY. help us!


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