Interesting Day

After a lazy morning of feeling crap because nobody wants to reply to me, Marcus and I went on a Schreibwarengeschäfte Jagd (stationary shop hunt)! I’ve bought myself a german diary, a german finance book on how to get rich and a miniature german-italian dictionary which will help me in two ways! It certainly made us feel good (although i felt good for considerably less than marcus!)

Then we attempted to register at the uni again TO NO AVAIL. having eventually found the right department we found it was closed on wednesday, a wasted journey.

The main excitement for the day was saved until the evening. Having got an email from my boss i headed off towards the Ostbahnhof for a “Team-Dinner” at what must be the coolest bar in Munich – 2000 tonnes of sand including NINE beach volleyball courts. Anyways, i sat next to a very rude future colleague who didn’t once speak to me and had his back towards me for the entire meal. Pfft. However the guy opposite, Andy, is 41 (the oldest of the team) and has a sister who lives in Oxford. His favourite band? Radiohead. His favourite football team? Man Utd. If only he was 20 years younger we’d be bezzies!

I didn’t end up speaking that much german but it was good to begin listening to their accents and when I did speak they seemed to understand. Alles gut. I had no idea how young Westwing is – FIRST BIRTHDAY TOMORROW. ridiculous. the department has trebled in size since I was last here. Ridiculous.

Tomorrow we should be able to get registered with the uni. as for the WG search, still fruitless.

Speak soon!



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