First day complete!

Weirdly enough I had an uncharacteristically early start, getting up at 8! This meant I was able to spend a few hours finding suitable shared accommodation before lunch. I have now applied for 22 viewings and need to wait for the landlords to reply to me. Hopefully i’ll get enough to have a choice of places.
We did a Lidl shop (Marcus and I) before lunch as there is a fridge, oven, hob etc in the room so we can have pasta for tea every night and ham and cheese baguettes every lunch! I’m soon going to tire of that.

After lunch we walked to Marienplatz through the main shopping area (where there were FIVE H&Ms) to find the registration office. After some german communicating we located it and officially became citizens! (above)

We then went to the Uni to try and cheekily register (you get cheap railcards and gym usage). Then we went to the englischer Garten which is THE BEST park in the world! there’s a man made river which is basically a rapids ride, loads of people just lie they are float downstream! at the very start it’s so strong that people are able to surf on it!

It’s been a good day but hopefully we’ll speak more and more german over the next few days before work starts.


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